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Hallo liebe Kinder und Eltern,

mein Name ist Francis Banecki, ich bin ein ehemaliger Fußballprofi und habe mein bisheriges Leben dem Fußball gewidmet. Ich veranstalte Fußballcamps in Berlin und Brandenburg. Die tollen Erfahrungen und interessanten Eindrücke, sowie die Leidenschaft und den Spaß am Fußball, möchte  ich weitergeben.

Our School

We take pride in our famous teaching traditions & achievements.

Why Choose Us?

Our school ranked among the top 10 school for children aged 13-19.


We have arranged a wide range of activities for our students.


We have received the Best School for Science Award in 2017.


We have a good reputation for friendly learning environment.


We have the most modern library for our students' needs.


History Timeline


Founded in Princeton

In 1990, in response to a great deal of competing academic philosophies being promoted at that time, a working group of educators, known as the Princeton Education Committee, was found under the supervision of the National Education Association.

This organization’s main objectives were to help young people learn common knowledge and increase literacy rate.



The New Beginning

A year later, this committee changed its name to Princeton Education Department and a subgroup of this, including many experienced and professional educators and teachers, had separated and established the first private secondary school for young people aged 13 -19.

The new establishment is named Princeton Education Center.


The First Recruitment

In March, the Princeton Education Center was expanded with an outstanding and separate campus for teaching and learning. The very first recruitment os this organization was held in September 2001 as Princeton Secondary School.

It had taken about 2000 students in its first recruitment activity.


First Science Olympiad

The Princeton Education Center changed its name to The Princeton Educational & Science Center. The main focus of teaching had put a lot of emphasis on science than before. The first Science Olympiad was held here in December 2005 with over 30000 participants from neighborhood.

Princeton Educational & Science Center received a compliment from the Queen.


The Official Name

The Princeton Educational & Science Center changed its name to Ademy Secondary School, which marked its official transferring from a public school into a private school run by a director.

Since then, this school has made many adjustments in terms of teaching methods and equipment with more funds pouring in.


Constant Development

Ademy Secondary School has been ranking among the best school for teenagers in Princeton and neighboring areas. We have constantly been expanding and growing, not only in terms of scale, size & visibility but also in terms of quality and reputation.

Ademy‘ Board of directors have made serious commitments to make it one of the best school in the area and we’re working towards that goal.

Meet Our Teachers

Meet our brilliant team of dedicated, friendly, and creative teachers from all kinds of teaching fields.

Domenic Riedel
25 Jahre, Sportwissenschaftler mit B-Lizenz
Leonard Tseke
29 Jahre, Trainer mit B-Lizenz
Adrian Schedlinki
29 Jahre, Sportwissenschaftler
Francis Banecki
Gründer & Trainer mit DFB-Elite-Jugend-Lizenz